Marvel Just Introduced an Army of Wolverine Clones

The following contains spoilers for Wolverine #31 from Marvel Comics.

Beast, a former X-Men hero who’s recently gone rogue, begins assembling his own sinister army of Logan clones in Marvel’s Wolverine #31.

Wolverine #31 comes from writer Benjamin Percy, artist Juan José Ryp, color artist Frank D’Armata and letterer VC’s Cory Petit. In recent issues of Wolverine, the titular X-Men hero has found himself being held hostage with a depleted memory by Beast. Beast, who has secretly become one of Krakoa’s most sinister villains despite his longtime allegiances with various X-Men teams, previously killed Wolverine at an auction house and then kept a partially resurrected version of the character as his own personal assassin. Wolverine eventually fully healed, regained his memories and then started leading a charge to stop the former X-Man, which ultimately resulted in Logan stabbing Beast in the head in Wolverine #30.

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Beast’s Resurrection Is Bad News for Krakoa

Beast, however, secretly had plans in place so that he would resurrect into a new body in the event of his death. Beast wakes up in this body in Wolverine #31 and decides it’s time to leave Krakoa as he knows he’s likely no longer in good standing with the rest of the mutants. He activates a section of the island called the Pointe and transports it to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. There, Beast awakens a number of his own clones and tells them it’s time to “get to work,” though…