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Microsoft Signs Another Cloud Gaming Deal to Convince Regulators

Microsoft has signed a new agreement with another cloud gaming provider, less than a day after announcing its 10-year deal with Ukraine-based cloud gaming platform Boosteroid. The announcement comes at a time when the tech giant is increasingly looking to garner support from the industry over its Activision Blizzard acquisition. This new deal marks Microsoft’s latest attempt at winning the regulators’ favor.

The company’s pending Activision Blizzard acquisition has been routinely making the headlines in recent times, mostly due to regulatory pressure and heavy opposition from rival Sony. One of the biggest arguments against the deal has been Microsoft’s potential to monopolize the gaming market in specific areas, particularly with regard to massively popular franchises like Call of Duty. Sony has actively voiced its concern over how a Microsoft-owned Activision could harm competition when it comes to Call of Duty and other IPs, even drawing comparisons to the Xbox maker’s Bethesda purchase and its post-acquisition phase. So, it may not be surprising to see the tech giant campaigning to make its case, with Microsoft going so far as to publish full-page adverts about its Activision deal.


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But newspaper adverts are only a minor part of Microsoft’s strategy, as a larger effort is invested towards signing long-term exclusive partnerships with gaming companies. Microsoft’s latest Call of Duty-related gaming deal signs up Japanese cloud gaming provider Ubitus, where Xbox PC games and…

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