Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Photo: ImranKhanOfficial/Facebook)

Islamabad: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday reiterated claims of a conspiracy against him and the recently ousted PTI-led government. The politician said that he had recorded a video naming those involved in this ‘conspiracy’ to oust his government and to take his life. Addressing a rally, Khan added that the video will be made public in case something happens to him.
“A conspiracy is afoot to take my life. I got full knowledge of this conspiracy a few days ago. The conspiracy is being hatched here and abroad against me in closed rooms. I have recorded a video about this conspiracy, naming all those involved in it. If something happens to me then the people will come to know who were behind this conspiracy,” the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman said during a rally in Sialkot.

While Khan insisted that he knew who had “planned his assassination”, he did not elaborate on the details. He also said that he was shocked to see the “thieves” being foisted on the country, adding that dropping an atomic bomb would have been better than handing over the helm to these people.

The PTI chairman had also warned Shehbaz Sharif‘s government that no power could stop them from entering the federal capital during the long march to be held on May 20. The current Pakistan government has however dismissed the PTI leader’s claims, with Sharif stating that Khan was “poisoning” the minds of the people of Pakistan with his speeches targeting state institutions.
Khan has also blamed the blamed the Army establishment, primarily the Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, for playing an important role in his government’s ouster. In his recent public speeches and social media interactions, Imran Khan put allegations against the Army of ousting him from power. Even in a podcast, Imran Khan claimed that he became aware of the opposition’s ‘conspiracy’ to overthrow the PTI-led government in July, last year.

Imran Khan Rants Against Modi Govt As US Tears Into The Ousted Pak PM Over Disinformation  Lies
Imran Khan Rants Against Modi Govt As US Tears Into The Ousted Pak PM Over ‘Disinformation & Lies’

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