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Ranbir Asks Prachi To Marry Sid

The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Shrishti. She recalls that she needs to go home as she asked Janki and Dadi to prepare cakes and pastries. Shrishti runs towards her room to grab her purse. Looking at her, Sameer asks Mahesh what he likes about her as she keeps doing annoying stuff. Sameer does not understand what he wants to say. Meanwhile, Shrishti goes to Sameer. He tells her that he will drop her at wherever she wants to go. Shrishti declines his offer and says that she can manage on her own.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode

On another hand, Mahesh tells Sameer that he is a good person and deserves someone better than Shrishti. In the next scene, Arjun looks at Preeta and asks her what has happened. She asks him not to worry as it is nothing. She adds that she was just thinking about something. Arjun asks her to tell him what was she thinking but she does not. Here, Preeta gets scared as Arjun starts driving fast. She even asks him to slow down a little but he continues to drive at the same pace.

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Here, Anjali keeps calling Arjun to ask where he is but he does not answer any of her calls. She thinks that Arjun has embarrassed her in front of Rishab. Anjali calls Arjun again but the latter ignores it. Preeta notices that and asks Arjun to answer it as it might be something important. She says that she is more eager to answer the call than him.

Arjun tells her that he will pick it up in some time. Meanwhile, Preeta screams out loud and asks Arjun to stop the car. He asks why did she make him stop the car. Preeta tells Arjun that she needs to go to the temple. Preeta gets out of the car and covers her head with her Saree. Arjun looks at her and smiles. He also comes out of the car. Here, Anjali calls him again. Arjun gets frustrated and answers the call. She tells him that she has been calling him forever but he is not answering.

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He tells her that he is in a meeting in the business plaza so he would talk to her later. Anjali calls Rishab and informs him about Arjun being busy in another meeting. Here, Arjun and Preeta enter the temple. Rishab is also seen going to the same temple. For more updates on Kundali Bhagya, follow us.