Sunday, September 25

Reddit User Refuses To Give Up Seat For Family On A Flight, Gets Internet’s Support

In the post Reddit user revealed that a family approached her to swap seats which she paid for.

The internet is impressed with a Reddit user who refused to swap seats with a family on a plane so they could sit together during a ten hour flight from Greece. Reddit user u/Unlikely-Strategy596 shared a story on the forum on September 3 asking people if it was insensitive of the user to not give up her seat. The post received 1,200 comments and 9,600 upvotes.

The passenger in the long post explained that flight was hectic. “The flight was roughly 10 hours and around this time of year it’s extremely hectic. I booked my ticket specifically to be closer to the front of the plane so I can be closer to the gate when it’s time to get out. I personally hate traveling so I spent a bit more money to be closer,” the user wrote.

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Later in the post they revealed that a family of four approached her to swap seats which she paid for. Describing the incident, the user wrote, “Normally I’d be okay with that but switching spots would mean moving back 20 rows down which leaves me at an inconvenience and I would not be getting my moneys worth. I rejected and said that I would like to keep my seat.”

The family of four did not take the refusal so well. And went on to make a ‘scene’. “Your travel issues are not my problem. I am keeping the seat I paid for,” Redditor told the woman.

On the forum, many applauded the user for a their stand. “If it was really about sitting together, why didn’t they ask the people 20 rows back if they’d like the better seats upfront? They’d still all be together,” said one commenter,” read one comment. Another user commented, “People need to learn to take the first no graciously. They asked. You refused. That should be the end of it.”

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