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The secret is out and Kawaki will have to deal with the consequences of his actions in Boruto episode 269. Kae is now aware that there is someone out there attempting to murder her. Meanwhile, Kawaki is suffering not only because he almost failed his mission, but also because he disappointed a girl who saw him as a role model.

In last week’s episode, Kae was attacked repeatedly by a mysterious assassin sent by her nation’s minister. Kawaki did his best to stop the murderer but ended up causing more problems for the boy and the princess. Boruto episode 269, titled The Sneaking Shadow, will continue following Kae now that Kawaki will not be there to protect her. Continue reading to learn more about the release.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Boruto anime series.

Will Kawaki ignore Naruto’s orders and save Kae in Boruto episode 269?

When will the episode be released? Where can fans watch it?


Boruto episode 269 is scheduled to air on Japanese TV networks this coming Sunday, October 2, at around 5:30 pm JST. After a short wait, international fans will be able to enjoy the episode as it will be released simultaneously to the rest of the world. Below, you will find a table containing the times at which the episode will be released, according to your time zone.

  • Pacific Daylight time – 2:00 am, October 2
  • Central Daylight time – 4:00 am, October 2
  • Eastern Daylight time – 5:00 am, October 2
  • British Summer time – 10:00 am, October 2
  • Central European Summer time– 11:00 am, October 2
  • Indian Standard time – 2:30 pm, October 2
  • Philippine time – 5:00 pm, October 2
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 6:30 pm, October 2

Fans who want to enjoy Boruto episode 269 as soon as it comes out can do so via Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV, and Hulu. These are the only official streaming services for the series, and we encourage fans to use them. On these platforms, you can find all the previous episodes of this sequel series in case you need a reminder of what is happening at the moment.

What can fans expect from Boruto episode 269?

Can Kawaki save Kae from the assassin in Boruto episode 269? (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Can Kawaki save Kae from the assassin in Boruto episode 269? (Image via Studio Pierrot)

In order for Kae to enjoy the Academy’s annual festival without any concern, Kawaki decided not to inform Naruto about the assassin accosting the princess. This proved to be a massive mistake on the part of the black-haired Uzumaki, who now needs to confront the consequences of his actions. Naruto decided to remove the boy from the mission, preventing Kawaki from seeing Kae and explaining himself.

He does not have a way to apologize to the princess for having deceived her and cannot do anything to prevent the assassin from going after her. Based on what we can see in the preview for this upcoming episode, the masked figure will take this opportunity to attack Kae in her own home. However, there is a possibility that Kawaki will arrive to save her at the last second.

Hana could be revealed as the assassin in Boruto episode 269 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Hana could be revealed as the assassin in Boruto episode 269 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The boy is known for how often he bends or outright breaks the rules at his convenience. Kae has become someone truly special to him, which may prompt him to disobey Naruto and go rescue the girl. This would be the most logical thing for the boy to do, as he is the only one who has any experience with the assassin’s tactics.

Lastly, Boruto episode 269 will likely give fans more clues about the identity of who could be behind the mask. Fans are theorizing that it could be Hana, Kawaki’s Academy teacher. The black-haired woman has been acting suspiciously over the last two episodes, making fans believe that she was somehow involved in the assassination attempt.

What happened in the last episode?

The assassin as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The assassin as seen in Boruto episode 268 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 268 started with Kawaki and his classmates getting ready for the Academy’s school festival. Boruto, Sarada, and their friends were enjoying the attractions of the event while the class prepared for their play. Moments before the performance started, an explosion shook the Academy, alerting Kawaki of a possible threat.

In an attempt to get Kae alone, the assassin threatened to blow up the school, forcing every Shinobi present to look for the bombs. The masked figure took the opportunity and tried to kill Kae, only to be stopped by Himawari and Kawaki. The episode ended with Hana being taken to the hospital after being injured during the fight and Kae asking Kawaki if he was tasked with protecting her.

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