Remove China app has been removed from google play store, Know full story

The creators of Remove China Apps said that it wasn’t aimed to “promote or force people to uninstall any of the application(s)”.

Remove China App

Remove China apps have been pulled from Google Play. According to Google’s rules of deceptive behavior, an app cannot encourage users to remove a third-party app, and it was suspended because the app requires users to uninstall the Chinese app from their Android smartphone Was designed to help. It was published on Google Play on 17 May, and made headlines last week. Remove China Apps also emerged as the top trending app on Google Play and surpassed 50 million downloads.

The anti-China sentiment in the country is at the peak due to several reasons including outbreak of coronovirus and Indo-China border dispute.

This is the second high profile app to be removed from the Google Play store this week. A few hours before the removal of Remove China Apps, the Mitron app was also removed from the store. After increasing the previous 5 million downloads due to anti-China sentiments, the app was removed for violating the store’s policies.

Indian Express first reported the removal of the Remove China Apps app, but since then more information about the reasons for the removal has been revealed. Remove China Apps, makers of OneTouch AppLabs, confirmed its suspension from Google Play via a tweet posted late Tuesday. The Jaipur-based company claimed on its website that a large number of people were using the app to remove an app created by Chinese developers,Its purpose was not to “promote or force people to uninstall any application” and to develop “only for educational purposes”.

Google confirmed to Gadgets 360 that it has decided to pull Remove China apps in violation of Google Play’s deceptive behavior policy, which does not allow apps that “allow users to remove or disable third-party applications Encourage “and” wrong to delete users “or disable third-party applications”.

However, Google declined to comment further on the suspension.

Public praise
Remove China Apps on Google Play received a large amount of positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Its downloads also reached new levels soon after becoming popular on social media. The app’s quick growth suggested how a large number of smartphone users in India are looking for a solution to stay away from Chinese offerings. This clearly corresponds to ongoing measures by the government to cut its ties with Beijing due to cross-border tensions.

Apps including TikTok have already faced public resentment for being a Chinese platform. Conversely, the rise of anti-China sentiment initially helped the Tiktok alternative Mitron, initially considered an Indian app, although a recent report highlighted its links with Pakistan. However, it was also recently removed from Google Play for violating spam and repetitive content policies.

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