Resident Evil 4 Gets Impressive Recreation in LEGO Animation

A hardcore fan of Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 has recently shared the very impressive animated video of the horror survival title that they created using LEGO bricks. Featuring iconic scenes from Resident Evil 4, this fan’s animation is one of the many original works that has been popping up online to celebrate the upcoming launch of the remake.

In the past few months, fans have seen Capcom building up hype and excitement for the Resident Evil 4 remake. A demo for the remake was recently released, and fans continue to scour the internet for every piece of information they can find about the upcoming game. This includes fan theories, in-game screenshots, as well as leaks and rumors about Resident Evil 4 characters. With so many in the gaming community anticipating the release of the remake, it is no wonder that many fans have also unleashed their creative sides, making original content for the appreciation of their fellow community members.


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On YouTube, content creator Cara Aleatorio uploaded an almost four-minute-long video featuring the original opening scene of Resident Evil 4. The animation starts from when Resident Evil‘s Leon Kennedy gets dropped off into the rural Spanish village in his search for Ashley Graham. In the video, the animator was able to recreate many of the game’s details using different kinds of LEGO bricks. This includes using LEGO minifigs for the characters and combined LEGO bricks for the broken-down buildings and plants. What’s more, Aleatorio also included the…