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RimWorld Console Edition Update 1.09 Adds New Items & More This September 21st

Double Eleven released the updated version of the RimWorld Console Edition of 1.09, and this adds features and fixes to the game. Read the notes to the RimWorld newsletter from September 21 until September 21.

The Rim World Console Edition 1:09 Updates | The Rim World September 21 Updates:

Out of the ordinary or with the other other things/to do is bring forth the features/skills.


  • Added: Poison synthesis to the study tree.

  • Added: If there’s a task that no select character can perform, a dialog warning is now shown.

  • Added: Postpone option for a number of wanderer who will join quests.

  • There’s no more that can be made available. The inventions can have a choice between bio-coded, non-bio-coded, clean or tainted items. Other special menus, as well as special allowances, add this feature.

  • More: Memory is used during randomisation of characters.

  • Redundant: Scrolling past history records and ignoring past and the recent progress of colonists caused a lot of past / recent records to drop performance.

  • Improved: When multiple objects were selected, choosing to build a copy had previously caused performance stuttering.


  • Added: On-screen navigation app showing distance between landing beacons.

  • The last quest has sprung up.

  • The alerts and the messages for the mech buildings have now jumped to the source option.

  • Add: Option to Abandon All items confirmation prompt can be added to the Caravan’s UI.

  • Add: Change a column on each tab of the form caravan for more people to experience better.

  • Add “refreshment” to menus.

  • Add: Custom language-based styling for language-based changes!

  • Improved: Allow all toggling does no longer affect special filter filters.

  • Improved: UI only enters zone built mode, if player confirms selection from zone menu instead of all the times the player passes on area management screens.

  • Improved: Scroll position is correct when changing tab.

  • Worked: Moved control prompts build mode to distinguish between actions and make action better known.

  • A new button has been changed for a new search, but it will appear in the next two more dialogs.

  • Improved: Warning, alert, and colours change, as a new wave is formed in a caravan, so they reflect status better.

  • Better: Info button when multiple objects are chosen shows only when other choices are possible.

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  • Pay off: Corrected filth generation rate.

  • All green x green lisbon: regrowth of forest weeds.

  • Two more years in life, four more more have been rewarded for creating and art.

  • Weather remuneration and a change in the weather rate.

  • She is getting the balance. Detection speed: Water is at the front and back of the scanner.

  • Fixed: Opening content of Shuttle after instructing colonists to enter would sometimes cause a problem for shuttle-related Royalty quests.

  • Fixed: Inventory bindings apply now consistently when entering the game for a second time.

  • Fix: Fixed: Threat pause setting works now always.

  • Fixed: The error was on removing the ball while loading.

  • Fixed: Debug warning when multiple uses of psylink abilities occur.

  • Fixed: Devastation in dead or empty colony.

  • Fixed: Since pressing the Cross/A button in Social tab of caravan details didn’t move selector to the log panel, the toggle to the cross-link button.

  • Fixed: Even if the controller tried to replant the tree, the user didn’t respond at a time when the interactive option was displayed.

  • Fixed: With the help of a colonist dying while the player is sitting on the table, the gentee works with confidence, letting his opponent leave.

  • Removed: unintentional ability to rename dead colonists.

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  • Fix: The pregnancy icon updates correctly to the animal menu.

  • Correction: The Scrollbar for the quest description inside the Quests UI was not changing on occasions.

  • Fix: Operation names can be too long and cause the pause UI to overflow or disperse from the health bill list.

  • Correct: Selecting the details via the i prompt page of a active caravan will now show detailed information properly.

  • Fixed: Occasions when the detail card blocked the view of the stats on various screens in regards to items displayed in various screens on the different screens.

  • Fixed: Issue ensued when no colonists left in your colony and you opened the Work or Schedule menu.

  • Fixed: For the robbers who exist, without fear of violence, no one will see that the warden possesses no power to kill a felony after he offends the prisoner tab.

  • Fixed: The highlight of items on the Allowed list of bills ingredients was partially cut off when the last item on the list was selected.

  • Fixed: Holding down the button to confirm trade would previously open the interaction menu of the factions on the map.

  • Fixed: Caravan arrived at weather controller message couldn’t be deleted after re-moving caravan from an unused site.

  • Fixed: Overflowing text in the Difficulty tab of the pause menu.

  • Changed: To form a caravan while leaving the details page open, the details page was left in the background.

  • Fixed: Navigating the Needs tab of a refugee pawn causes an error. Players may have missed incorrect details.

  • Fixed: Highlights selection bar disappeared while scrolling through long social logs at 3 o’clock.

  • I removed. Spacing and line breaks added when the work description is updated.

  • Disabled: Incorrect L1/LB prompts from noncolonist objects in target mode, such as queue actions and cancellation when transport pods were selected.

  • The dog’s eyes have been cleared.

  • Removed: In other words, the map appears too dark under translucent windows.

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