Saturday, September 24

SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Introduces An Obscure Comic Book Character With Hilarious Results

Today’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law featured another obscure comic book character in the form of Mr. Immortal. Find out how this Great Lakes Avengers hero factored into the show right here…

Part of the fun with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been seeing Marvel Studios take this opportunity to add some obscure comic book characters to the MCU. After all, GLK&H’s Superhuman Law Division needs superpowered clients, and it was Mr. Immortal who showed up in today’s episode, “Just Jen.”

With Jennifer Walters busy attending an old friend’s wedding, it was down to Mallory Book and Nikki to deal with the immortal philanderer. 

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Mr. Immortal explained that, as an immortal, he’d repeatedly killed himself in order to get out of relationships he didn’t want to be in. That involved walking into traffic, for example, and when Mallory and Nikki’s questioning became too much for the sleazy superhuman, he decided to jump out of a nearby window! 

When that clip goes viral, his former lovers want what’s theirs, and it costs him big time. Mallory and Nikki sort things out, though it’s fair to say Mr. Immortal ultimately learns his lesson and gets what’s coming to him.

So, how does the MCU’s Mr. Immortal compare to his comic book counterpart? Before sharpening your pitchforks because Marvel Studios has turned this “classic” villain into a joke, it’s worth noting that he’s always been a comedic character on the page. While this version doesn’t break out into uncontrollable rages when he’s revived, the rest is pretty spot on. 

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Both heal from any injury upon death and resurrection, something we see first-hand when he jumps out of that window, lands on a car, and instantly recovers as his broken bones repair themselves.  

We don’t anticipate seeing this Mr. Immortal joining a live-action Great Lakes Avengers, though it’s always possible that’s a team being assembled by Emil Blonsky now he’s been reformed (remember, promos have shown Abomination interacting with a number of C-List villains from the comics, including Porcupine and Matador). 

Did you guys enjoy Mr. Immortal’s MCU debut?

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