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Square Enix Doubles Down on NFTs, Shows Off Symbiogenesis

Square Enix does not seem to be relenting in its determination to incorporate NFTs into new games like Symbiogenesis and even popular franchises like Final Fantasy 7. With the recent announcement that Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda may be stepping down, opponents of blockchain technology in video games were hopeful that the Japanese company would back down on NFTs. However, that turns out to not be the case.

The company first made clear that it was interested in NFTs in 2022, which led to a bump in its stock prices despite predominantly negative feedback from fans. As other game studios began to back off from blockchain tech in response to gamer backlash, Square Enix reiterated its move toward NFTs in a New Year’s letter instead, and Matsuda recently stated that the company will begin launching blockchain video games within the next year.


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Rather than taking a step back from blockchain tech as many fans have hoped, Square Enix recently launched the official website and released the first trailer for its upcoming NFT-based game Symbiogenesis. While the brief teaser doesn’t provide much info about the title, the website reveals quite a bit more, and it may be enticing for people who are interested in or don’t mind NFTs in their video games.

Games Hub has offered a convenient summary of the information provided on Square Enix‘s Symbiogenesis website. The game will feature 10,000 “collectible artworks,” or NFTs, which will have…

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