The summer season is here and it is that time of the year when people love gorging on mangoes. There are many ways that people love to have this fruit such as in a mango milkshake or a smoothie. There are many videos of street vendors who try to make a food fusion that leave people questioning their taste buds. Like this video of a street vendor who adds chunks of mango in Maggi noodles. A video of the woman street vendor was posted on Instagram by a food blogging page and it left netizens shocked and disgusted.

The video was shared by the Instagram account thegreatindianfoodie two days ago and it has got more than 1.89 lakh views so far. In the video, the woman is seen preparing Maggi by adding lots of Mazza, a mango drink. After the Maggi is made, she cuts a mango and adds little chunks of the fruit to it. In the end, she again adds Mazza to the dish.

Watch the video below:

The concoction failed to impress netizens and they posted various comments criticising this food experiment.

“Kindly add location so that someone can reach over and offer counselling,” commented an Instagram user sarcastically. “Yuck,” posted another. “OMG…either its cheese everywhere or such stupidity…I wonder who will buy n eat it too,” said a third.

What are your thoughts about this food fusion?

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