Bumper discounts are available on these smartphones in Flipkart mobile cell

Flipkart has started the first big sale of the year 2018. And this cell is exclusively for mobile phone buyers only. The 2018 Mobile Bonanza cell running on Flipkart will … Read More

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Amazon and Flipkart sale offers breathtaking mobile phone

Amazon and Flipkart are sale of Zari. The most discounted smartphones are being seen in the category. Whether you are looking at a flagship smartphone or a cheap handset. All … Read More

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Indians Google the iPhone 8 most in 2017

Google has introduced the Year in Search 2017 report. This report details the most searched topics in all categories. This list has also been released by Google for the global … Read More

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iOS 14: How to Enable Back Tap on iPhone

क्या आप जानते हैं कि आपके iPhone में एक शांत छिपी विशेषता है जो आपको अपने फोन के रियर पैनल पर टैप करने पर कुछ कार्यों को ट्रिगर करने देता … Read More

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