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The 10 Best Quotes, According To Reddit

Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season is set to premiere on October 6th and fans can expect some changes, including minimal appearances by the protagonist Meredith Grey. Could the end be near? Hopefully not. It would even be interesting to see a new protagonist.

On the ABC medical drama, characters have come and gone, with some even coming back again, but one thing that has remained constant is the dialogue. With over 2 decades worth of lines to choose from, selecting a top 10 list would be all about the writer’s opinion under any other circumstances. But the show’s staunch fans never hesitate to make their voices heard on Reddit and in a couple of threads, they have picked out the remarks they believe are the very best.


“You Say It And You Say It Loud.”

Mark Sloan

Upon noticing that Jackson Avery is hesitating to express his feelings to April, Mark gives him some advice. TrustIsEarned2020 says the quote “changed my perspective on when to tell someone you love them.”

As the show’s seducer-in-chief, Mark can be trusted to give the best advice when it comes to winning the heart of someone you desire. Monogamy is a challenge for him, but there is no doubt he has mastery of flattery. Thanks to his advice, Jackson puts in the required effort. In no time, he and April get to become one of Grey’s Anatomy’s best couples.

“There Is A Land Called ‘Passive Aggressiva’ And I’m Their Queen.”

Addison Montgomery

During one of their arguments, Derek calls out Addison for resisting everything he tries to implement in the relationship, and Addison responds fittingly, Redditor _murmaider_ says “this is the one.”

Addison can always be expected to stand her ground. A clear difference between her and Meredith lies in the fact that she never bends to Derek’s will. Here, she clearly shows that she knows the things she does that irk her partner, but she doesn’t particularly think she is doing anything wrong. To her, it’s the other party that’s overreacting.

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“There Are Bats Everywhere, Alex. And They Know Everyone’s Phone Numbers.”

Alex Karev

As Richard scolds Alex over his poor job during his time as interim chief, Alex quotes Richard’s mother. Richard isn’t happy about that, so Alex explains why he can’t quote his mother by giving an example of some of the weird things she used to say. Redditor kidretro_ comments, “I love so many lines from the show but this one is so funny.”

Alex is definitely not one of the best Chiefs of Surgery in Grey’s Anatomy since he makes a total mess during his short time in charge, but he makes a good point. He never had a good parental foundation from which to base his decisions hence he is just trying to figure things out as time goes on. The quote about his mother is a hilarious one because bats are blind and there is no way they’d no people’s phone numbers. There’s no reason for them to have such kind of knowledge either.

“I Refuse To Apologize For How I Choose To Repair What You Broke.”

Meredith Grey

When they decide to makeup, Derek expresses his disappointment that Meredith opened her heart o other people. Meredith feels it’s all nonsense and many agree, including ash894 who writes, “If you’re going to cheer at the screen at Grey’s it’s during this scene at this quote.”

Indeed, Meredith has no reason to say sorry to Derek because he is the one that left her to go back to Addison, whose love for him had already dwindled. It’s something Derek only realizes later, hence he tries to press the rest button with her. As is always the case, he tries to make it seem like it’s her fault, but she refuses to be bullied this time.

“Do They Lick The Seats?”


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While Maggie and Amelia are inside Meredith’s car, Maggie mentions that Amelia isn’t wearing panties. Meredith is furious because her children will sit there too, but Amelia insists that’ll only be a problem if they like licking seats. ThePeasantKingM writes, “what kills me with the line is her gestures when she says it.

It’s odd moments like this that make Amelia one of the most likable members of Meredith’s family. From a medical perspective, there is no way her fashion choice would affect Meredith’s children. On this occasion, Meredith and Maggie are channeling their moral superiority, so it’s nice for Amelia to stand up for herself.

“He’s Very Dreamy, But He Is Not The Sun. You Are.”

Cristina Yang

Before leaving Seattle for the Klausman Institute for Medical Research, Cristina advises Meredith to not let Derek control her. Redditor avocadobumblebee simply says “This is the best quote.”

It’s the best bit of advice that a departing friend can give someone who has had troubles in their relationship. Cristina knows that since she won’t be around, Meredith might find it harder to make good decisions about Derek-related issues since her judgment is clouded by love. The advice somehow sticks but fans never get to see her implement it for too long since Derek becomes a statistic in the saddest Grey’s Anatomy deaths.

“Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me.”

Meredith Grey

Eager to spend the rest of her life with Derek, Meredith urges him to divorce Addison. DAseaword says the line is “cliché, but it still gets me.”

The Redditor is right about this being one of the most referenced lines on the show. Even though it has been used so many times, it is a brilliant line because of the raw honesty that glitters in the words. Meredith loves Derek, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing that ruins what is one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most romantic moments is that Derek still considers rekindling his relationship with Addison after that.

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“McDreamy Was Doing The McNasty With McHottie? That McBastard!”

George O’Malley

Redditor naïve_antelope thinks the “McBastard” line was golden.” In one of the best instances of “Mc” labeling in Grey’s Anatomy, George acts surprised when Meredith tells him about Derek’s romp.

Trust George to squeeze three “Mc” labels into one sentence. His remark is not only good because it’s funny but also because it highlights one of the doctors’ most interesting habits: their need for gossip. Except for a few people like Richard and Burke, other doctors can’t help but poke their noses into each other’s lives.

“I’m A Good Man In A Storm.”

Arizona Robbins

In order to get Callie’s father to warm up to her, Arizona gives him details about her own childhood. Ariri2005 calls it their “favorite speech from the whole show.”

By not only wooing Callie but also trying to make her father understand her, Callie proves that she is a dedicated father. The quote also underscores the struggle that members of the LGBTQ community go through to make others accept them. Callie’s father’s initial disapproval has nothing to do with the character but the fact that it’s a lesbian relationship.

“I’m Always Gonna Love You. But I Don’t Want To Love You, I Want To Be Happy. “

Lexie Grey

Tired of how complicated her relationship with Mark is, Lexie suggests they should break up. PlasticWillow thinks the quote “sums up how we don’t choose who we love.”

As charming as Mark is, he is a toxic lover because of his inability to commit to one person. Lexie’s words highlight her difficulty in letting Mark go, given how much her heart has warmed up to him but as she says the words, viewers are left with no choice but to support her because it’s clear that if she stays with him, she will end up heartbroken.