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The Fallen Sun’ Ending, Explained

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Idris Elbas latest Netflix project, Luther: The Fallen Sun, has left viewers guessing about his beloved character John Luther’s future following the film’s cliffhanger. 

Luther: The Fallen Sun, which was released on the streaming platform this month, follows Luther, a homicide detective, as he’s apprehended for transgressions he committed while taking down criminals. He escapes from prison to catch a wealthy London serial killer named David Robey (Andy Serkis). Throughout the movie, Robey had a distinct way of informing the public about his horrific crimes, which included abducting and torturing his victims in a red room, and live-streaming each event for a profit. 

Robey would ultimately be caught by Luther and Detective Chief Inspector Odette Raine, played by Cynthia Erivo, in Estonia after Robey kidnapped Raine’s daughter. The incident led to Raine and her daughter fleeing from the location, and Luther and Robey being submerged under a frozen lake following a car crash. The commotion surrounding Luther’s future stemmed from the events after Robey drowned in the lake. 

At the end of the film, Luther is flown to London to be treated for his injuries, and is later placed in a government safe house, where he is met by a man named Tim Cranfield (Guy Williams). During the interaction, Cranfield applauded Luther for his work catching Robey, and stopping him from executing more crimes. Following his remarks, Cranfield shared that the Chief wanted to speak to Luther, and motioned him to enter a vehicle where the scene fades to…

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