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Trump’s New Book To Oddly Feature Oprah, Michael Jackson, and Princess Di

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s latest book is going to be one big self brag about how celebrities and politicians used to, as he says, “kiss my a**.”

As Trump begins another run for president, the book is an attempt to show how people used to love him but then turned on him once he ran for president on the Republican ticket. However, Trump’s controversial acts as President, as well as his views and insulting speech, are likely contributing factors in the dislike he has earned from those who once admired him – though such possibilities apparently are not considered in his assessment of his own greatness.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Trump stated that he believes people who read the book are “going to see a very fascinating life.” 

Letters to Trump will feature a collection of letters put together by two of his former assistants who organized 40 years of correspondence with celebrities to create a compliment-filled book about him. It’s no doubt aimed to make Trump look as if he is, or at least was, admired by many. Such a book is not exactly a bad idea when running for president and, considering his fame over the last few decades, he is likely one of the few who can even have such a book published. In the least, the idea is worthwhile but its completion might prove to earn him more dislike than the love shared in the soon-to-be published letters.

Because Trump is relying on the past, the joke may be on him as the reaction to the book — though all but…

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