Social media is an open platform where anyone can put forth their opinions, ideas and what not. From shocking facts to bizarre ones, the internet is known to drive people crazy. Recently, the internet was filled with netizens reacting to a video.

The video first posted by ‘Be.Bodywise’ on Instagram shows a woman claiming that ‘Sindoor triggers sexual drive’. While the account has taken down the video, Twitterati reactions to the woman’s claims have gone viral as people are now sharing screenshots of the video and making random memes out of those.

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The video posted earlier showed a woman explaining the benefits of wearing sindoor. It states that mercury in sindoor helps one to relax their body.

Netizens across various social media platforms are now cracking up watching the viral video and related memes.

Here are a few of them to make the day better for you

A Twitterati shared a cat fight video to showcase the clash between anti-depressants and sindoor. He writes, “ The anti-depressants and Sindoor fighting in my body to control my sex drive”

Another one shares a still from the movie ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ showing Rajpal Yadav covered in sindoor all over. He writes, “All boys after knowing sindoor triggers sex drive.”

A netizen raises questions about the claim made by the woman in the video by stating women all over the world have a good sex drive. She writes, “Women around the world have the hots for men, hv great libido & a rocking sex life, all w/o wearing sindoor! On the contrary, its the avg Indian woman now tht’s usually unimaginative, unexperimenting & even frustrated in sex. Gimme any other reason, but sindoor=good sex…Please!”

Reacting to the viral video, a Twitter user mentioned the dangerous component that mercury is. The tweet reads, “First of all, Mercury is highly poisonous. And if sindoor actually triggered sex drive, Indian men would never let women wear it.”

What is your take on this claim?

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