Chandrapur: Two people were killed in separate instances of tiger attack in Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts on Saturday morning. While a tiger killed a woman at a forest plantation site in the buffer zone of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), Chandrapur, another tiger killed a farmer in the fields near Armori in Gadchiroli.
Jaibai Jengthe (60) from Sitarampeth village in TATR buffer was at the buffer plantation site behind Jaishree Resort with other women, early in the morning. While she was busy collecting tendu leaves, a tiger lurking in the area attacked and killed her.
The beast tried to drag the body away, but the other women raised an alarm and the big cat left the body and fled. Forest officials of buffer zone have given ex-gratia aid of Rs50,000 to kin of the victim. This is the fourteenth human killed in predator attack in the district this year. Out of these, tigers have claimed nine lives and leopards five.
In the other incident, a tiger killed a farmer in his farm near Armori town in Gadchiroli on Saturday morning. Nadu Meshram (50) was watering his crops when a tiger present in the area attacked and killed him. A tiger had earlier killed a woman in Arsoda village, just one-and-a-half km away from the sight of the latest kill. Tigers have so far claimed four human lives in Gadchiroli this year.


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