Kindness and generosity are the biggest virtues as you never know what other people are going through. When strangers showcase their generosity, it is really heartwarming to watch. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a waitress being given a really generous tip by a group of people. The woman became lost for words after she received the tip and revealed the reason why it meant so much to her.

The video was posted by the page Good News Movement on Instagram seven hours ago and it has got more than 9.78 lakh views already. “Waitress gets what she deserves,” says the text on the video. In the video, a man gets up from his seat and says that their group would like to tip her in cash. The man says “I am from this industry and we appreciate what you do”. So, on behalf of everyone he gives her a thousand dollars. The woman becomes overwhelmed with emotion and has tears in her eyes on receiving the generous tip. She gives the man a hug and says that it means a lot as she is a single mom and this would really help her a lot.

“This waitress is surprised with an extra generous tip… she explains how it’ll come in handy as she’s a single mom @ryanthelionvo 👏 … humans being amazing,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“Thanks for sharing the idea and video. Planning on following your lead in this sometime,” commented an Instagram user. “Now I’m crying! I’m a single mom’s daughter! That means a lot,” posted another. “Beautiful! Service industry is tough, this makes a world of difference,” said a third.

The video was originally posted by the Instagram account ryanthelionvo on April 21. It had got 2.02 lakh views.

What are your thoughts about this thoughtful gesture?

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