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What Happened to the Becks? Will Adam Ruzek Arrest Them in Chicago PD?

The fifteenth episode of NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ season 10 follows the Intelligence Unit’s investigation into multiple deaths that happen in an apartment in Chicago. Hank Voight and his team’s investigation into the deaths leads them to the Becks, a family that deals with a high amount of drugs throughout the city. To bring them down, Adam Ruzek goes undercover and infiltrates the family as a new addition to their crew. Although the episode ends with a cliffhanger concerning the Becks, the sixteenth episode of the season doesn’t revolve around the family. If you are eager to know what happened to them, here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to the Becks?

In the fifteenth episode of the tenth season, Adam pretends to help Samantha Beck, who doesn’t question his cover story. He tells her that he wants to join her family’s drug business as a dealer, only for her to take him to her father and the Beck patriarch Richard Beck. He accepts Adam into his crew. The police officer learns that the Becks are not only drug dealers but also white supremacists who propagate neo-Nazi ideas. He learns from Samantha that her father doesn’t necessarily deal drugs for money but also for “supplies” or “preparations,” which are seemingly necessary for a race war. After Samantha’s revelation in the fifteenth episode, the sixteenth episode doesn’t follow the Becks at all.

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The episode revolves around the trial of Arturo Morales, who is captured by Voight’s unit in…

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