What to Expect in Spy x Family's Highly Anticipated Second Cour

What to Expect in the Anime’s Second Cour spy x family?

The following contains minor spoilers for the Spy x Family manga by Tatsuya Endo, now available in English through Viz Media.

It’s going to be a tough few months for fans of Spy x Family to wait for the anime’s second cour to arrive, especially after Episode 11 teased the appearance of a clairvoyant dog who might be joining the Forgers. The first cour of Spy x Family Season 1 introduced Loid (aka Twilight), Yor (aka Thorn Princess) and Anya, and how they all made their dysfunctional family dynamic work. Episode 12 ended on a sweet and wholesome note to remind fans of what makes the show so special.

While the second cour will still focus on the same elements, it will also develop and deepen the relationships between all the characters. Here are some events fans can look forward to in the second part of Season 1.

Spy x Family’s Second Cour Will Introduce New Characters

Fans already caught a glimpse of one character who’s coming soon in Spy x Family. This large furry dog had been subject to experiments and was locked up with a bunch of others, with the intention of using them as bomb dogs. In Episode 11, the dog was suddenly hit with a vision of the Forgers; suddenly his future didn’t seem so bleak. From the teaser trailer, it looks like Anya and her newfound friend will have a dangerous mission in figuring out how to dismantle a terrorist bomb. They seem to have a pretty good partnership going, as the dog is able to see a few moments into the future and Anya will be able to read his mind and act upon it (as much as her five-year-old self will allow her to).

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Episode 12 also suggested that WISE is severely understaffed and has been overworking Twilight as a result. Fans have seen a few of the WISE agents — like Franky and the Handler — so another agent might be introduced in the second cour. When someone comes knocking at the Forger family’s door to speak with Loid, Anya finds out she also has a secret.

Operation Strix Will Continue at Eden Academy

Spy x Family‘s Friendship Scheme is still a work in progress, with Anya making incremental steps in becoming friends with Damian and the latter waffling between getting annoyed at her for getting in his way of becoming an Imperial Scholar and being absolutely lovestruck by her.

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In trying to help Damian, sometimes Anya accidentally drives him farther away. Now if all else fails, Operation Strix can still succeed if Anya becomes an Imperial Scholar. However, the only way to do that is if she earns seven more Stella Stars to add on to the one she got in the series’ first cour.

Yor Gets More of a Spotlight in the Second Cour

There’s no denying that Spy x Family‘s first cour largely focused on Loid. Anya has also been getting a lot of love from fans because of her hilarious expressions and for just how adorable she is. By contrast, Yor hasn’t gotten much of a spotlight in the first 12 episodes aside from when her brother visited — and even then, the focus was more on Yuri and his obsession with his sister.

Luckily, the anime’s second cour should rectify that. Yor has been doing her best to be a good mother and wife in the first cour, such as trying to teach Anya valuable life skills like self-defense. While her relationship with Anya has undergone significant development, her bond with Loid will most likely become a focal point when the second part of the season returns.

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The Ending of Spy x Family’s Second Cour

The anime’s first cour has adapted around the first 17 chapters of the manga, including the side stories. Given how the first cour ended, there are a few possible ways the second cour might end and make fans anticipate a potential Season 2. Spy x Family could end on a wholesome chapter like it did for Episode 12. It’s been a while since fans have seen Yor and Loid have some one-on-one time together. If the second cour focuses more on Yor, it’s possible that Season 1 could end there.

However, since it would take some time for a second season to be developed and produced, Spy x Family might end on a more exhilarating note to get fans really excited. After all, Operation Strix began because Loid needed a way into Eden Academy to stay in reach of his target, Donovan Desmond. With a little luck, Loid might just be able to meet the chairman of Ostania’s National Unity Party.