WhatsApp new messenger rooms feature, Whatsapp new group chat feature

In Facebook Messenger Rooms, users can group chat with more than 50 people, the shortcut of which has now been added to the chat share sheet of WhatsApp Android Beta 2.20.163.

Whatsapp group messenger room feature

WhatsApp is reportedly adding Facebook Messenger Rooms to Android’s beta app. This feature was seen in the WhatsApp version 2.20.163 beta for Android, which is now available for select beta testers. It is also speculated that soon this feature will be extended to more beta users with updates. Reportedly, this feature is currently offered to select users in the US only.

Let us know that Facebook started rolling out the Messenger Rooms feature globally on Friday and now a day after this, the latest news has come out. In messenger rooms, users can group chat with more than 50 people. Facebook had also announced that the company will soon bring Messenger Rooms to Instagram and Facebook portal, but when ?, there is no information at this time.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger has added the Facebook Messenger Rooms shortcut to WhatsApp version 2.20.163 beta for Android. Earlier Messenger room shortcut has also been seen on WhatsApp Android Beta version 2.20.139. However the feature in that version was not available to beta users and more importantly, the feature was not usable. But now the company has released it for select beach testers in the US,This shows that the feature is now functional, depending on the availability of the messenger room in your area.

To check the Facebook Messenger Rooms shortcut on WhatsApp version 2.20.163 beta, users will need to open the chat share sheet of the app and see if the “Room” shortcut is coming there. Reportedly, the room shortcut comes in place of the old camera button, which is still available in the chat bar. Once users have chosen the room option, a window is allegedly displayed, which gives the feature information.

A text appears in a new window on WhatsApp 2.20.163, stating that the rooms are protected by Messenger’s encryption and privacy controls. However, it added that “video group calls are not encrypted end-to-end.”

The report further claims that beta users of this version can also see the rooms shortcut in the Call tab. The Call tab on WhatsApp Android Beta is at the top right corner of the app. Once the beta user selects the room icon in the Call tab, a new window appears asking if you want to visit Messenger Rooms.

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