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In 2004, the city of Mineral Wells, Texas, witnessed a horrific incident when Bob Dow was found murdered inside his own house. Although Bob lived with his mother, she was left unharmed, and the police knew they had a tough homicide investigation on their hands. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Twisted Love: Love and Hot Lead’ chronicles the gruesome murder and portrays how detectives brought the perpetrators to justice. Let’s dive in and find out more, shall we?

How Did Bob Dow Die?

A resident of Mineral Wells, Texas, Bob Dow was 49-years-old at the time of the incident. While neighbors mentioned that Bob resided with his ailing mother and took care of her, some claimed that his residence was often used as a place to host overnight parties. People who knew Bob insisted that his house was swarmed by teenagers and young adults throughout the day, and there were several allegations of drug abuse and weapon possession, as per the show. However, these complaints never reached the ears of authorities, which made Bob’s sudden demise all the more shocking.

On May 5, 2004, 911 operators received information about a possible homicide in a local Mineral Wells residence. When first responders reached the scene, they found Bob lying dead on his bed. At first glance, Bob appeared to be completely naked, and medical examiners spotted several gunshot wounds on his body. Detectives even found his mother in the adjacent room but were surprised to discover she was in a complete state of neglect.

In fact, it was pretty apparent that Bob’s mother was…