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Who Is Jacqui Francis aka Jacqui Harris? A Look At Natasha Francis’s Sister From Bidding Room and Her Personal Life

Natasha Francis’ sister Jacqui Francis aka Jacqui Harris, is currently the talk of the town on Reddit and other social media platforms, raising questions regarding her whereabouts.

Natasha is well-known for her function as a distributor on the BBC One television program “The Bidding Room.” The showroom consistently rates highly among the top television shows in the nation in terms of viewership. The show’s second season has received a tremendous degree of positive and universal critical acclaim. There are a total of eight vendors in the showroom, including her.

Francis also holds the position of the owner and CEO of the business known as Urban Vintage Affair.

Who Is Jacqui Francis aka Jacqui Harris? Natasha Francis Sister From Bidding Room

Jacqui Francis, aka Jacqui Harris, is the lesser-known sister of Natasha Francis from the Bidding Room. As the Internet is widely searching for the bidder’s sibling details, we tried some extensive research as well. 

The web consists of two prominent Jacqui Francis. As per the Linkedin profiles, one of them is a Lecturer In Positive Psychology at Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Her inclination is more toward positive education, Clinical research, environmental sciences and ecology, Intelligence, Stigma, pediatrics, Science and Technology, and Wellbeing-Literacy. However, this person is Australian, and Natasha is British, crossing out the possibility of them turning up as sisters. 

Further, another name is an Executive Director at Townsville Catholic Education in Australia. Similar to the above reasoning, there is a very less chance that these two may be related as well. 

On the other hand, Francis has not mentioned anything about her siblings, and it is quite weird that fans are curious to get into her detailed personal life. As far as the actual identity is concerned, it is still not revealed. Natasha herself will have to address it for her followers to get to the truth.

Natasha Francis’ Family Details

At the beginning of her career, Natasha worked as a designer for a number of prestigious clothing companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, All Saints, and Pringle of Scotland.

She states on her website that it was great, but it didn’t feed her fascination for handmade and historical items. Hence, she decided to study antiques and collectibles and traveled the country, rummaging through auction houses, antique shops, high-end trade fairs, and muddy car boots sales in the British countryside.

The antique dealer works in London and is of Black heritage, suggesting that she may be a British citizen. Francis likes to buy old trunks and suitcases that may be repurposed and utilized for things than travel.

She had an early interest in the vintage treasures in her grandmother’s home and found car boot sales and secondhand shops to be interesting. 

Further started gathering strange stuff when she was around 6 or 7, she put a lot of effort into my business, marketing, and antiquities coursework at the beginning of her brand’s growth in 2015. Visiting a lot of networking events and seminars opened her eyes and changed her life.

Additionally, she dragged her pals along while she browsed antique shops and auction houses for hours on end.