Why google restores TikTok Ratings?

As fast as TikTok’s ratings went up last week, the ratings are also seen improving as fast. Yes, the TicTock app rating on Google Play has increased from 1.2 stars to 4.4 stars once again. In fact, this change in Tiktok’s ratings was many, starting with Carrie Minati’s Roast video in which she roasted Tiktokers, followed by a spark against Tiktok after Faizal Siddiqui’s controversial video surfaced. Took the form of fire and trending hashtags like #IndiansAgainstTikTok on social media. Only after this the rating of this app on the Google Play Store started to get affected fast. But a sudden rating improvement has been noticed, behind which is Google. Actually, Google has removed millions of 1 star rated reviews keeping in mind their posting guidelines on Google Play Store,

Instead of specifying TikTok’s case, a Google spokesperson said the company takes steps to remove inappropriate ratings and comments in the case of spam abuses. The spokesperson said in a statement to Gadgets 360 that the Play Store rating helps users provide feedback and experiences related to apps and content. So that other users can make their decisions on that basis.

If we present ratings and 7 days before the Tiktok app ratings to see if it could be seen by approximately 80 million ratings. If you look at the web version graph of Google Play, then you will know that there was a huge jump in the 1 star rating a week ago. But now most of those ratings have been removed.

Google Play comment posting policyIf you look at the guidelines, users are not allowed to change the rating of an app. This is why Google removed such a negative review rating in favor of TicketLock.

However, on the other hand, TikTalk’s ratings on the Apple App Store for iOS have not seen much change in these 7 days. Last week, the App Store’s rating average of this app was 3.5 stars, which was reduced to just 3.4 stars. Apple did not remove TicketRock’s ratings from the App Store, as it has grown from 11 million to 1.2 million since last week. This suggests that iPhone users are not part of this war against TickTalk.

There are several reasons for this battle against TikTok-

The first is the anti-China sentiment, which has increased since the Kovid-19 epidemic. At the same time, after the video of Faizal Siddiqui, a spark against Ticktock took the form of fire. Faizal Siddiqui made a TikTok video in which he was seen throwing water at a girl, the girl is seen in different make-up as soon as the video is thrown, which has been pointing to the marks since the acid attack. After this, people made it viral on social media and started demanding the ban of TickTock app on the charge of promoting a serious crime like acid attack. The third reason was Carrie Minati’s video “YouTube vs TikTok – The End”, in which she particularly roasted Aamir Siddiqui and other Tikatokars. Followers of Carrie Minati started giving the 1-star rating to the TickTalk app since then.

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