Wolf Pack Gives Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kristin Ramsey a Backstory

This article contains spoilers for Wolf Pack, Season 1, Episode 7 “Lion’s Breath,” streaming now on Paramount+.

On Wolf Pack, many of the events of the current wildfire have their roots in an earlier wildfire that spread about 18 years before. In that wildfire, Garrett Briggs found Luna and Harlan when they were cubs. In Episode 6, “After Party,” Malcolm, a former firefighter, claims that a werewolf killed his crew during that same fire after they killed a wolf themselves. From this story, the pack learned that werewolves can be transformed when they become burned with fire, leading to attacks like the current werewolf’s rampage.

This past wildfire is also the heart of Kristin Ramsey’s tragic backstory. In Episode 7 “Lion’s Breath,” Kristin’s flashback reveals the truth: she was the werewolf that killed the firefighters in order to protect her pack. This flashback provides more context for Kristin’s shocking turn in Episode 5 “Incendiary” and her own actions throughout her arson investigation. The flashback also has surprise implications for twists for the finale, including the possibility that Kristin may actually be Harlan and Luna’s biological mother.

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Kristin Ramsey’s Tragic Flashback Reveals That She Is Secretly a Werewolf

Before discussing Kristin’s flashback, Malcolm’s story in “After Party” provides important context for her memories and key information on lycanthropy in the world of Wolf Pack. Malcolm explains that he and a small crew — including Cyrus Nicks’…