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Young M.A fans worried she’s ‘sick’ as rapper’s eyes are yellow

When Young M.A posted a video featuring her new hairstyle, fans couldn’t help but notice that her eyes were yellow, and that has left many wondering if she’s “sick”.

A similar fear swept Lady Gaga fans during her performance of Hold My Hand at the 2023 Oscars. The singer ditched her makeup and red-carpet look, perhaps to go with the theme of the song, and fans became extremely concerned.

And now, the color of Young M.A’s eyes has given rise to all kinds of speculations about the rapper’s health.

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Young M.A’s fans worried she’s ‘sick’ after spotting yellow eyes

The rapper clearly intended to show off her new hairdo in the video, but it has gained a lot of attention for other reasons. Many noticed how Young M.A’s eyes appeared to be yellow, and that quickly led to speculation that the singer is unwell or sick.

The original video was posted by celebrity barber and comedian Aaron Truck, aka fatsdabarber, who styled the rapper’s hair.

Meanwhile, this is the only post you can find on Yong M.A’s Instagram, at the time of writing.

Only a couple of months ago, Young M.A had fallen victim to a baseless rumor that claimed she was pregnant after she expressed her desire to have children during an interview.

But, the speculation surrounding her health started surfacing after many noticed that her eye color was distinct.

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Speculations about her health surface online

A number of fans are worried that the color of Young M.A’s eyes is an indication…

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