Zé Neto insulted the singer Anitta at a show by the country duo Zé Neto and Cristiano. During a speech to the audience, Zé made some controversial remarks about the aforementioned singer. The matter has caught fire now and has become the most discussed topic on the internet. The fans of both personalities have taken to social media to share their respective opinions about it. Are you confused with all the drama happening between the two and want to know about it? Check the article below and get the details.

Recently, a video has gone viral about the same controversial remark made by Zé to Anitta. The singer who was performing in Sorriso in Mato Gross delivered a pro government speech. Zé went on to say that they are in Sorriso, in Mato Gross, one of the states that supported Brazil during the pandemic. He added that they are artists and they do not depend on Lei Rouanet, their fee is paid by the people, and went continued to say that they do not need to get a tattoo on the “Toba” to show if they are okay or not.

Zé added that they just come here and sing and the whole of Brazil sings with them. Now, the video that features Zé stating these things has become the talk of the town. It has circulated on the internet and has gained the attention of many. Everyone seems to have been talking about it. Although Zé’s fans have been showing their support, the fans of Anitta have gone mad.

The fans have been slamming the singer for being so unprofessional and insensitive to call someone out like that. Following the backlash, Zé took to Instagram to talk about the issue. The country singer wrote that he did not mention an artist’s name in his aggressive speech. Adding further, Zé wrote that he did not say anyone’s name but the engagement is top. He apologized to everyone for not answering and added that he has 23 shows this month, mostly sold out.

Mauro Machado, the singer’s father took a stand against the Sertanejo and hinted that his involvement with his daughter is long-standing. Apart from the fans, other singers also defended the singer on social media and slammed Zé Neto’s action. Needless to say, the matter has grabbed the eyeballs of many and has become a trending topic on social media. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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