New Orleans Pelicans youngster Zion Williamson was seen practicing at Duke University’s training facility.

It has been over a year since Zion Williamson has played basketball for the New Orleans Pelicans. Apart from a year full of injury updates, NOLA fans didn’t get any information on the All-Star’s availability.

However, things looked positive when Williamson was seen practicing before the Pelicans’ games and when posted videos of displaying his athleticism while dunking the ball during practice sessions.

More recently, “Zanos” was spotted at the Duke University campus continuing his rehab at the Blue Devils’ training facility.

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Zion was also visibly happy working out at his former college. The one-and-done athlete from Duke University checked in with his fans:

“What’s up, Duke fans? I’m back home — yet again. Man, it’s always good to be back here. I’m just here to get some work in and have fun. I even went to my class’s graduation that I would have been a part of; sadly, I wasn’t because I got offered my job right out of my first year, lucky for me. But it’s always good to be back. Duke is gonna be in my heart, always and forever.”

NBA Twitter reacts a Zion Williamson practices at Duke’s training facilities

NBA Twitter reacted as soon as photos of Williamson went viral on social media.

To be fair, Zion does look pretty fit in these photos. This is nothing but good news for the organization.

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Adding a healthy Zion to the Pels squad that reached the playoffs without him, will surely make NOLA one of the young squads to look out for this next season.

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